Endunamoo CTA Support Course On-Demand is Endunamoo’s flagship on-demand CTA Support Programme (CTA On-Demand). The programme is designed to meet the growing needs of professionals and candidates looking for effective, flexible, personalised and forward thinking support programmes in the pursuit of the CA qualification.

The CTA support course is only available on an on-demand basis, payable via a monthly subscription basis, with an option to access live classes and additional services at a nominal fee. The CTA On-Demand offers the flexibility of joining and cancelling at any time during the running of the programme.


  • You have full control over your study schedule as you can join and exit the programme as and when required, to meet your technical needs, work and personal commitments.
  • You receive practical guidance every step of the way through technical guidance notes and have all your questions answered through Telegram, MyUniverse and private consultations
  • You have access a high-quality library of pre-recorded videos, live sessions, quizzes, lecture material and question banks to secure your success in your academic studies
  • You receive more than academic support through our caretaking engagements, mentorship and Candidate Conversations
  • You get to understand the real-life application of the theory taught and develop critical professional skills such as critical thinking and business acumen



Email: admin@endunamoo.co.za
WhatsApp / Cell: 081 723 0334
Office Hours:
09h00 – 17h00 (Mon – Fri)

  • We hosted an overview of the restructured CTA On-Demand programme. During the session, we discussed the programme’s structure as well as other key administration matters.
  • If you missed the live session, you can access the recording below. To access the presentation slides, click this link to download.

We designed this programme to meet the needs of prospective chartered accountants who might be starting off their journey at a BCTA level, working through their CTA and/or ITC assessments or at the edge of completing their professional journey prior to completing the APC assessment. Accordingly, it is suitable for candidates or professionals who are:

  • planning to register or currently registered for a BCTA as preparation for the CTA studies;
  • planning to register or currently registered for a CTA programme with a public or private higher learning institute;
  • planning to sit for the ITC assessment and are seeking to bridge a significant gap in their technical knowledge and professional skills; and
  • planning to sit for the APC assessment and need to refresh and enhance their technical knowledge and professional skills. This includes CIMA professionals looking to take advantage of the CIMA Pathway Agreement and therefore require significant work to familiarise themselves with technical knowledge covered in the CA academic qualification.

Qualified chartered accountants as well as finance professionals can also benefit from the offering as part of their lifelong learning and continuous development initiatives. The content is packed with real life examples and topical themes that are certain to benefit them in the daily work environment.

We are proud to introduce the first on-demand CTA support programme to meet our candidates’ needs for flexibility. The on-demand feature allows you to join our programme at your preferred point during the year, take the modules that you immediately need assistance for, take modules that you can handle at a particular time in your career and personal environment (including your budget constraints) and complete the modules or programme at your own pace. Our full programme provide a no-cost account suspension to attend to major work or personal issue in your life or that of a loved one.

The programme is forward thinking in that it is founded on the CA2025 framework and looks to develop professional skills, acumen, attributes and values that will define a chartered accountant of the future.

The programme is supported by our highly dedicated, experienced, talented and passionate team of professionals, advisors as well as caretakers. Every member of our team is empathetic and invested in your development. Your experience with Endunamoo will truly be a personalised one as you will have a team that is with you every step of the way.

The on-demand programme is delivered in an innovative and flexible manner to address the growing demands for high quality content and unpredictable working arrangements. The elements of the CTA Support Course are as follows:

(1) A library of pre-recorded content: The CTA content is delivered via pre-recorded sessions where the lecturers focus on teaching the fundamental concepts and principles related to the various modules. In addition, the pre-recorded sessions include the discussion of assessments whereby the lecturing team extensively works through previous exams, highlights effective reading and analytical skills, assists in linking knowledge with application and assists in developing effective examination techniques. The pre-recorded sessions are recorded by an experienced team, extensively reviewed to ensure high quality by our senior team and are all readily available and organised in a logical fashion for effective planning.

From a technical perspective, the videos are split into four competence areas, namely:

  • ACC: The core focus in this module is the financial reporting aspects, specifically using the International Financial Reporting Standards, for both consolidated and separate financial statements. Please click here to view the topics in this module.
  • AUD: The core focus in this module is the auditing, assurance and governance, specifically using the International Auditing Handbooks, statutory acts such as Companies Act and code of good governance such as King IV and Code of Professional Conduct. Please click here to view the topics in this module.
  • MAF: The core focus in this module are concepts related to management decision making and management control as well as financial management. Please click here to view the topics in this module.
  • TAX: The core focus in this module is application of the law of taxation. Included in this module is taxation of companies, individuals and estates as well other forms of taxes such as value added taxation. Please click here to view the topics in this module.

It should be noted that the 2023 full library of pre-recorded videos is expected to be released by 31 July 2023. We will be following a phased approach with regards to the release of the videos as follows:

For details on what is covered in each specific phase, please click on the link under the content column.

Content Expected release dates
Phase 1 Click to view topics Completed
Phase 2 Click to view topics Completed
Phase 3 Click to view topics In progress
Phase 4 Click to view topics 31 July 2023

(2) Live sessions: At a nominal fee, you can opt to add live sessions to your CTA On-Demand offering. The live sessions are delivered to supplement the content covered in the pre-recorded sessions. The live sessions are structured as follows:

  • Integrated session: This three to five-hour session is focused on integrating the knowledge covered in the pre-recorded sessions for the respective module and/or other modules. It aims to develop integrated thinking skills which is critical for success in integrated assessments such as ITC and APC.
  • Tutorial session: There is three hour tutorial session, with the first one based on a tutorial question covering either the work for the current phase and the second one covering a previous ITC assessment. You are provided with the tutorial question(s) in advance for them to diligently attempt ahead of the live session. Although the tutorials are not be marked, you are encouraged to attempt and submit the questions ahead of the session to ensure optimal benefit from the live session.

Quizzes: CTA On-Demand includes quizzes to help you track your progress throughout each term as well as help you better manage the workload and your study schedule. The quizzes are focused on assessing fundamental principles to help you evaluate whether you are ready to move on from a particular topic or additional effort is required before moving on. Additional effort may include watching the videos again, redoing the lecture example exercises, re-attempting the quizzes, consultations via WhatsApp / MyUniverse and consultations via Teams.

(4) Material: The videos and the quizzes are accompanied by high quality, detailed and focused lecture notes. The lecture notes comprise lecture examples, along with the suggested solutions, that are aimed illustrating the application of the principles in a simple and understandable manner. The lecture material is only provided on a soft-copy basis. However, if you required a printed version, this can be arranged at a nominal fee (see tuition fee for further details).

(5) Question Bank: Each phase is accompanied by two to three questions per module to afford you the opportunity to assess your technical knowledge as you progress through the phases. The solution for one of the questions will be withheld until is delivered and discussed as part of the live sessions. The question bank is only provided on a soft-copy basis. However, if you required a printed version, this can be arranged at a nominal fee (see tuition fee for further details).

The programme is centred around you and your development. As majority of the programme is delivered on an online only basis, the CTA On-Demand includes extensive candidate support structures to ensure that you are well equipped from an academic and non-academic perspectives. The non-academic support structures are developed on the principles of providing you with a highly personalised experience with our team, either professional or support team:

  • Online journey: Given that the majority of your learning and developments happens online and on an individual basis, we have spent an incredible amount of time and effort into providing guidance at every step of the way so that your online journey is intuitive and simple. This is achieved by using the traditional naming protocol, providing on-screen guidance, short guidance videos, written guidance and quick access to a query form.
  • Caretaking engagements: We have a team of caretakers who have your best interest at heart. The caretakers are available during your time with us and their primary role is to ensure that all your needs are well understood and well taken care of. Their role extends beyond providing administration support, but they are ‘a friend, a listening ear and your motivational support’ throughout your journey with us. Our approach to caretaking affirms our commitment to offer you a learning experience with a personal touch.
  • Telegram groups: You will always have someone at the click of button, may it be our support team, your fellow candidates or the professional team. Upon joining the programme, you are invited to join our Telegram groups which include our support team, other candidates as well as our professional team. These groups offer an opportunity to share key insights about their study approach, the programme, the actual ITC, share information on recent events, motivate each other, build relationships that last beyond the programme, engage with our support team and have a laugh during difficult times towards the preparations of the ITC assessment.
  • Wellness support: We regularly host Candidate Conversations where we invite previous candidates to share their CA journey. The objectives of these sessions to share insights that could be applied in one’s academic journey as well as offer motivation during those difficult times to help in building one’s resilience. In addition, you have an option to enrol into our mentorship programme where they can partner with a professional who has walked a similar journey.
  • Private consultations: You also have access to 1-on-1 consultations with our professional team to ensure that no stone is left unturned. All it takes is a few clicks of button on our consultation booking form and an invite is automatically set for you and your desired lecturer.

The provisional timetable for the live classes to be held in the 2023 academic year is available on MyUniverse. We confirm that there are only Phase 4 and revision live classes that are scheduled for the 2023 academic year.

Since it is an on-demand support programme, registration is open throughout the academic year. You will need a debit or credit card to register for the CTA On-Demand offering. If your employer is paying for you, you will need to request a quotation / invoice via the My Query Tool available on MyUniverse.

We simplified our pricing structure to recognise to meet your financial and flexibility needs. In order to meet your need for flexibility, you have the luxury of starting and stopping the programme as and when other commitments in your demand so.

The following fee structure applies:

Base offering: CTA On-Demand Tuition fee
  • Access to pre-recorded material
  • Access to online / soft copy to lecture material
  • Access to online / soft copy to question banks
  • Telegram and MyUniverse support from caretaking team
  • Telegram support from lecturers

Monthly: R500 / module OR R1 750 for 4 modules
Quarterly: R1 250 / module OR R4 800 for 4 modules
Half-yearly: R2 250 / module or R8 400 for 4 modules
Annually: R11 250 for 4 modules

Complimentary services and goods  
Access to use campus for assessments and studying purposes FREE, subject to booking
FREE Endunamoo branded gifts when you subscribe for all 4 modules for at least the stipulated number of months (Delivery at own cost; all you need to do is to Log A Query when you have reached the threshold). You can receive up to a single gift per year.
  • 3 months: Journal & Mug
  • 6 months: Journal, Mug & Golf Shirt
  • 12 months: Journal, Mug, Golf Shirt & Hoodie
Additional services  
Attending phase live classes (lecture and tutorial session) R350 per module
Private consultation (you can bring a friend at no additional cost) R350 per hour
Print of lecture material and question bank R1 000 per module
Local courier service of materials and question bank R150 per delivery
International course of materials and question bank R1 850 per delivery
On-demand assessments R300 per module
Endunamoo branded journal R80 per item
Endunamoo branded mug R60 per item
Endunamoo branded golf shirt R150 per item
Endunamoo branded hoodie R300 per item


  • All instalments are payable in advance.
  • An admin fee of R100 is included on all new activations.
  • Only debit or credit payments are accepted for the on-demand programme.
  • Additional services are available online for CTA On-Demand registered candidates.
  • Any notice to terminate / suspend your registration will be processed and become effective at the end of the month in which the notice is provided.
  • No refunds are applicable for the month in which access is provided, whether any content was accessed or not.
  • Sharing of access or content is strictly prohibited.
  • The Endunamoo CTA Support Course is not accredited by SAICA nor associated with any distance learning institution.
  • Our offering is suitable for candidates looking to study BCTA and/or CTA with a public or private higher education institute, as well as CIMA professionals looking to take advantage of SAICA-CIMA Pathway Agreement.
  • Although the content of the Endunamoo CTA Support On-Demand might also suitable for candidates that are enrolled with an accredited programme, we confirm that we are not affiliated, licensed nor accredited by any institution to deliver such a support course. Candidates that register with us do so at their own discretion and having a full understanding that it is only to increase their chances of success and develop themselves as future professionals.
  • Although the offering can enhance your chances of success in the APC assessment as well as in the professional development programmes (board courses) offered by our affiliated company, EPC or other professional programme providers, this offering is not intended to be a substitute for any professional programme.