12 January 2024 – 9 February 2024  

Our supplementary programme is a well-structured and innovative course to address your identified gaps and empower you towards success in your supplementary examinations. The programme is forward thinking in that it is founded on the CA2025 competency framework and seeks to develop professional skills, attributes, and values that will define a chartered accountant of the future. 

Benefits of joining the CTA Supplementary Course  

  • Access to well organised videos and material as and when required, these include the discussion of assessments which works through the test papers, highlights effective reading and analytical skills, assists in linking knowledge with application and assists in developing effective examination techniques 
  • High quality, detailed and focused lecture notes which include lecture examples, along with the suggested solutions, that are aimed illustrating the application of the principles in a simple and understandable manner. 
  • Well-structured question banks and quizzes to assess the fundamental principles and technical knowledge as you progress through the different topics you want to reinforce your skills and competency.  
  • Wellness sessions from our Candidate Conversations to prepare you mentally and emotionally. These are through our success candidates sharing their experiences and tools used towards journey 



Email: admin@endunamoo.co.za
WhatsApp / Cell: 081 723 0334
Office Hours:
09h00 – 17h00 (Mon – Fri)

  • Once off fee of R500 per module  
  • No refunds applicable for this programme 

1. I am interested in joining your CTA Supplementary programme. How do I go about it?
A: New candidates: Create a profile on MyUniverse via our website. Once registered, proceed to your profile menu and click ‘Add A Course’ and then select CTA Supplementary Course to add the respective courses.
Registered candidates: Login and select ‘Add A Course’, then proceed to add the relevant course you would like to purchase.

2. Is it possible to come and study at your Midrand campus?
A: We are excited to offer you our campus as your study area. The campus is open on weekdays from 09h00 – 16h00. Please use the booking form for us to reserve your spot. You will also have access to refreshments and kitchen facilities throughout the time you are here.

3. What are the payment terms available for the Supplementary Programme?
A: There are no payment terms applicable. You will be required to pay the tuition fee for the supplementary program in advance prior to being granted access to course material available on MyUniverse.

4. If I am an existing candidate, can I still register for the Supplementary Programme even when my account has an outstanding balance?
A: Unfortunately, your account will remain suspended until your account is up to date.

5. What does one get when I register for the supplementary program with Endunamoo?
A: You receive access to the UNISA CTA2023 examination paper screencasts, question bank and quizzes to afford you the opportunity to assess your technical knowledge and a library of well-structured lecture notes and pre-recorded videos where the lecturers focus on teaching the fundamental concepts and principles for each module.

6. If UNISA postpones the examination date, can I still get access to the material if I provide valid proof?
A: The last day to access material will be on 9 February and this will be extended free of charge to Thursday, 29 February 2024 should the dates be changed.

7. Are consultations available with the Professional Team?
A: You will have an opportunity to consult with any one of our lecturers for half an hour at an added fee of R350. You are welcome to bring a friend at no additional cost.

1. Consultations
Printed materials  

No timetable is applicable since the course is offered on a pre-recorded basis only.  

  • Access to the CTA Supplementary Course content is available until the exam date limited to 29 February should the examination dates be updated.
  • The course has no closing registration date and candidates are required to use their discretion with regards to the last day of registering into the course.

For more information contact: 

Contact number: 072 011 2650 

Email address: ctacare@endunamoo.co.za 

Website: www.endunamoo.co.za