Who We Are?

Established in 2013, Endunamoo v. (en-doo-nam-o’-o) has a Greek origin and it means “to strengthen someone, to empower someone”
Our mantra is Expert Learning with a Personal Touch

What We Do

As a tuition provider of professional accounting courses and in line with our mantra, we offer world-class expert teaching, effective assessments, caretaking support and mentorship to help our candidates achieve their dreams

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower and inspire others. We strive to empower our candidates to become critical thinkers and responsible professional accountants. We strive to inspire others through our unrelenting pursuit of excellence in everything we do


Launched in 2014, the CTA Support Programme offers support classes to distance learning CTA candidates. Our BCTA support programme is a complementary programme aimed at developing principles critical for success in the CA(SA) professional journey

Established in 2015, Endunamoo Board Course offers a distinctive approach to ITC preparatory courses through comprehensive lecture and assessment programme, script review and development of critical and integrated thinking skills

Established in 2020, EPC is the first black owned SAICA accredited APC professional programme provider. EPC offers a suite of professional courses to APC candidates focused on the development of business acumen, critical thinking and ethical leadership


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Managing Director


EPC Academic Head


Chief Caretaker



Our approach is candidate centric. Everything that we do, we do in order to help you, our candidate, secure success and move your closer to your CA(SA) destination. In our pursuit to offer convenience and more than academic support to our candidates, below are some of the elements that continue to make our programmes distinctive:

Accredited APC Programme

We are accredited by SAICA to deliver an innovative and comprehensive APC professional Programme to help you develop as highly competent professionals

Focused feedback approach

Our preparatory assessments are marked and detailed feedback provided to help you understand your challenges and be better equipped for exams and work environment

Impactful engagements

We partner with professionals that have walked the journey so that they can help you prepare and handle the bumpy parts of the CA(SA) journey

Effective course materials

Our course materials are carefully designed to help you grasp the objectives of each topic and are pitched at a foundational level to allow to grasp and master the core principles

Online programmes

Our sessions are livestreamed and recorded. During hectic periods, this helps you to catch up on missed lectures and tutorials as well as refresh the work covered

Bridging the knowledge gaps

Our senior programmes (e.g. APC) include complimentary registration into our primary courses (e.g. ITC) respectively to help you bridge the any knowledge gaps

Management of workload

Our courses include limited highly impactful classes to help you manage the course volume, thereby affording you time to better manage personal, work and study commitments

Passionate & highly talented team

Our lecturing and caretaking team comprises highly talented individuals passionate about serving and empowering lives, ready to go the extra mile to help you

Study area

We provide 24/7 study area throughout the academic programme to help you find a quiet place to study, connect freely to the internet and engage with our candidate community

Free courier

All our programmes include printed course material. Most of them also include free courier of material to any RSA-based address to help you become part of the class regardless of your location

Beyond Academics

We strive to build the professional skills such as professional values and attitudes, critical thinking, integrated thinking and business acumen skills that will help you be a success in the working environment

We are a call away

Whenever you are stuck, you have an opportunity to get help from our lecturing team via MyUniverse and our admin team are available to support you via WhatsApp throughout the programme