ITC Preparatory Course is primarily a lecture and assessment-based programme primary aimed at offering comprehensive support to the recently qualified CTA graduates and ITC repeating candidate. The course is geared to prepare candidates for either the ITC January or ITC June.


  • We provide you with full access to CTA videos & lecture material to assist you with bridging any critical knowledge gaps before and during the course of the programmes
  • We provide you with extensive support through technical guidance videos and letters to assist you with managing the volume of the programme and a structured approach to your development
  • We provide you with a comprehensive set of lectures where we cover the complex topics as well as key learnings from the recent ITC and equip you with the relevant integrated and critical thinking skills to help you better manage the integrated nature of ITC
  • We provide you with an opportunity to apply your learnings via marked assessments in the form of a tutorial and preparatory examination programme as well as a comprehensive question bank
  • We provide you with rigorous review of the recent ITC assessment to assist repeating candidates in understanding their shortfalls and empower them with the competencies and examination skills to be successful in their next ITC attempt


ITC Caretaker

Email: admin@endunamoo.co.za
WhatsApp / Cell: 084 282 3299
Office Hours: 09h00 – 17h00 (Mon – Fri)

  • The contact sessions are delivered over the weekend as well during the evenings. Weekend sessions are delivered as from 08h00 and finish at 13h00 while evening sessions are delivered from 18h00 to 21h00.
  • The course includes three technical guidance notes and videos which will be made available at the beginning of each month. In these technical guidance notes and videos, the lecturing team will provide guidance on key questions to do within a specific period as well as key videos that need to be watched to bridge any critical technical work.
  • The ITC Programme 2024 will include a tutorial assessment as well as a preparatory assessment which will be marked and extensive personalised feedback provided.

A detailed timetable for ITC Programme 2024 can be accessed via this link. However, to access the links to the live classes or recorded sessions you would need to have registered on The Portal, enrolled into the ITC Programme, and have your profile activated.

We hosted an Open Day session on Thursday, 11 April 2024. In case you missed it, please click here to watch it. During this session, we discussed a great deal on the programme’s structure as well as other key administration matters.


  RSA candidates & International candidates, ex Zimbabwe Zimbabwe candidates (excluding SA TAX offering)
ITC Preparatory Course R5 500 R5 000
Discount for returning candidates (when you are repeating ITC and were previously registered with Endunamoo for the most recent ITC sitting) 20%
CTA On-Demand printed lecture notes and question banks and courier to RSA based address R1 000
ITC Preparatory Examination Only (Sit for the ITC Preparatory Examination at our campus or remotely, scripts marked and attend feedback sessions) R1 500
ITC Question Banks only (ACC, AUD, MAF, TAX & Integrated Question Banks) (includes courier to an RSA address) R1 950
ITC Script review (for ITC January 2024 only. This is subject to the professional bodies making the scripts available ahead of time)
  • R750 for candidate currently registered into the ITC Programme. A fee of R650 applies to ICAZ candidates.
  • R1 500 for candidates not registered into the ITC Programme. A fee of R1 300 applies to ICAZ candidates.
International courier fee
  • All international couriers are subject to a fee of R1 650. This amount is payable in advance to cover the cost of shipping. Endunamoo will subsidise any excess amount above the R1 650. 


  • 5% early settlement discount applicable for upfront payments.
  • Registration fee: 50%, April instalment: 25%, May instalment: 25%
  • Full payment is required for the ITC Additional Services (ITC Script Review, ITC Question Bank only, ITC Preparatory Examination and CTA Printed Materials).
  • Corporate arrangements are applicable if your employer is covering your fees.
  • Candidates who opt for employer arrangement are required to send their invoice to their employer representative and copy our finance (finance@endunamoo.co.za)
  • Account activation is effected upon confirmation of payment obligation by employer; otherwise, KPMG candidates are activated immediately.
  • If you miss an instalment, your account will be immediately suspended.
  • If still in default after 15 days, your registration will be cancelled and a re-registration will be required.
  • Access to the ITC Preparatory Course is revoked within 24 hours following the SAICA ITC assessment.
  • You are strongly encouraged to read the welcome note and ensure that you request the material to avoid any delays or disappointments.
  • All international couriers are subject to a fee of R1,650, payable in advance to cover the cost of shipping, and Endunamoo will subsidise any excess amount
    above this fee. Additionally, all international candidates will receive a branded Hoodie as part of the delivery.

We are excited to announce that FASSET, through SAICA’s Thuthuka Bursary Fund, has committed to funding qualifying candidates for the Endunamoo x Thuthuka ITC Intensive Board Course commencing on 1 June 2024 and concluding on 23 June 2024. As a result, for one to qualify for the ITC Thuthuka Funding, one must be enrolled into the Endunamoo x Thuthuka ITC Intensive Board Course and have paid or credited the deposit fee amount of R850 and met Thuthuka’s stipulated funding criteria. The following requirements apply:

1: Must be a South African citizen
2: Demographic: African or Coloured
3: Wrote SAICA ITC2024 January Examination
4: Achieved at least 150 marks
5: Inclusion of UNISA Supp candidates

If you meet the above requirements, refer to the three-step Thuthuka funding application process and the attached documents