The EPC Case Study Package is developed for repeating candidates with a valid certificate that do not desire to commit to the full professional programme. Its primary objective is to empower the candidates with the skills required to master the SAICA APC case study assessments. It therefore does not focus on the development of critical professional competencies, but rather focuses on helping the candidates in applying and demonstrating those competencies in the context of a case study assessment. Consequently, following the successful completion of the case study assessments, EPC will not issue a certificate of eligibility to sit for the SAICA APC assessment.


  • You are exposed to practicalities involved in sitting for case study assessments to help you better manage challenges experienced on the day of the assessment
  • You get to receive comprehensive and personalised developmental feedback on your case study assessments throughout the programme
  • You get an opportunity to improve your technical competencies through access to the CTA videos and materials
  • We supply you with a leased laptop for all venue-based assessments at no additional cost (if so required)
  • We provide you with extensive guidance after every case study assessment through the reflection packs and feedback sessions


Nonhlanhla (APC Caretaker)

Email: admin@endunamoo.co.za
WhatsApp / Cell: 084 282 3299
Office Hours: 09h00 – 17h00 (Mon – Fri)

Registration into the EPC Case Study Package entitles to you to access to contact sessions and case study assessment within the assessment phase of our APC Professional Programme. If you would like to access any other sessions or value adding elements, you can purchase these at a nominal fee on our online learning platform.

There are three case study assessments, namely: 1) baseline case study assessment, 2) final case study assessment and 3) the supplementary case study assessment, that you will be entitled to sit for. You will be required to comply with all our case study administration process to ensure that your scripts are marked.

In addition, you will be entitled to access the reflection pack for each of these case study assessments and attend / access all the feedback sessions covering the discussion of the IOD analysis and unpacking the marking grid and strawman. A reflection pack consists of reflection videos analysing the pre-released information, the specimen solution, marking grid and the seeded scripts. The objective of the reflection pack is to assist with the process of self-reflection and self-assessment ahead of the feedback sessions and the release of the case study assessment results.

You will also be entitled to attend any non-technical sessions that are delivered during the assessment phase that are aimed to improve your case study assessment answering techniques. This may include motivational sessions and case study guidance sessions delivered by external guest speakers who are previous candidates, professional coaches and mentors.

As from the 2024 academic year, the APC Professional Programme will be delivered on a blended learning basis – with sessions facilitated via online as well as face to face basis.

With regards to our case study assessments, all our case study assessments are facilitated on a venue basis, at venues based in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We apply certain criteria prior to facilitating the venue-based assessments as well as in selecting the venues. We urge every candidate to clarify the criteria used prior to registration by studying the FAQs in detail to avoid disappointment. Please see the ‘Help’ section for further details.

Enrolment into the EPC Case Study Package closes on 21 June 2024. If you register after some sessions have been delivered, you will be able access the previously missed sessions via our online learning platform.

Please click here to register and follow the checkout process.

In this section, we compare and clarify the difference between the APC Professional Programme and the EPC Case Study Package:

  APC Professional Programme EPC Case Study Offering
Objective To empower you with crucial professional developmental skills for success in the APC and beyond the programme To help you improve your case study answering techniques for success in the APC

Business acumen webinars

EPC Research file

Main case studies

Laptop hire support

Developmental assessments


Eligibility for EPC Certificate


Critical thinking workshop

At an additional fee

Business writing workshop

At an additional fee

Business acumen workshop

At an additional fee

Ethical leadership workshop

At an additional fee

Mentorship support

At an additional fee (+R750)

Hoodie / Golf-shirt & Journal

At an additional fee (+R90 – R450)

APC2023 Script Review

At an additional fee (+R750)

Private consultations and caretaking

At an additional fee (+R2 000)

Tuition fee

R16 000 – R17 500 R7 500

Payment plan

25% upfront and balance over 3 months 50% upfront and balance by 31 July 2024

The tuition fees applicable for the EPC Case Study Package offering is as follows:

EPC Case Study Package ONLY

  • 50% of the tuition fee payable on registration
  • 50% of tuition fee payable by 31 July 2024
  • No apportionment of fees is applicable for missed case study assessments
R7 500
Optional value adds  
APC December 2023 Script review +R750
Mentorship administration support +R750
Unlimited consultations & caretaking engagements +R3 000
APC Foundation Phase / APC Development Phase / APC Demonstration Phase +R3 500 per phase
  • It is possible to upgrade from the EPC Case Study Package to the EPC APC Professional Programme at no additional cost. However, the upgrade has to be effected before the registration closing date for the professional programme.
  • Candidates will not be eligible for the award of the EPC Certificate even if they demonstrated professional competence in every case study assessment.

Information on the Thuthuka funding for the EPC Case Study Package for 2024 is currently not available. Please be on the lookout for the application process in this section.