Endunamoo Mentorship programme is a voluntary based candidate development programme that is underpinned by our need to deliver a personal touch in all our programmes. Developed in 2018, the mentorship programme has achieved tremendous success for our CTA and ITC candidates, with candidates participating in the mentorship programme consistently achieving a much higher success than those that are not in the mentorship programme.

Our mentorship programme is supported by compassionate and highly committed professionals that have walked or busy walking the demanding journey to CA. They not only share emotional support but also offer practical study approach and examination techniques, elements that strongly complement the academic and professional programmes. In some cases, they offer the needed listening ear to help our aspiring CA professionals develop their emotional resilience to succeed.


Zeliya (Chief Caretaker)

Email: contractors@endunamoo.co.za
WhatsApp / Cell: 081 723 0334
Office Hours: 09h00 – 17h00 (Mon – Fri)

  • We partner with professionals that have a strong desire to help others succeed, desire to develop or pass on a growth mindset and have the time to commit to the mentorship journey – may it be connecting with mentees via WhatsApp, virtual video-conference facilities such as Zoom or Teams, face-to-face meetings or call occasionally. These are the attributes that we believe strongly resonate with the fundamental principles of the CA brand: Develop. Influence. Lead. as well as our own philosophy of expert learning with a personal touch.
  • The journey of mentorship provides a mutually beneficial relationship between the mentees and mentors as it aims to enhance both the mentors’ emotional intelligence, leadership and coaching, business acumen and effective communication skills. This is while developing and enhancing the mentees’ skills in business acumen, time management, career management, ethical leadership, and effective communication skills.
  • To enhance the value of our mentorship programme, we offer marking opportunities in our CTA, ITC and APC programmes to all our mentors in order to help them have an intimate understanding of the issues that our candidates face during assessments. We believe that this empowers our mentors to engage meaningfully and efficiently with their mentees during their mentorship meetings. In turn, through their engagements with the mentees and our professional team, the mentors contribute to the enhancement of the value of our academic and professional programmes.

We value the voluntary participation of our mentors because we appreciate that their time is quite invaluable and is a commodity that we cannot afford. With this in mind, we have developed policies to show our gratitude in the form of preference in the selection of marking teams, welcome packs and gifts at the end of the year. A small token our appreciation.

Key information Description
Mentor profile
  • We look to partner with professionals that are passionate about professional development, serving, and driven to positively contribute to the transformation of the accounting profession and to turning the tide of declining performance within the professional examinations.
  • Minimum academic requirements to join our mentorship programme: For CTA and ITC mentorship programme, we require mentors to have completed ITC and for APC mentorship, we require that the mentors be a CAs in good standing or that they have completed the APC.
Registration process
  • Please click here to commence the registration process.
  • Interested professionals are required to register a ‘contractor’ profile which will allow them to apply for mentorship, marking opportunities and other academic opportunities within our programmes. During this process, we collect basic personal, professional and academic information, including LinkedIn profile details.
  • Only information relevant for the mentorship programme is used to assist with the pairing process and is shared with the prospective mentees.
  • Before being allocated a mentee, mentors would be required to attend a 90 – 120 minutes orientation session.
  • The orientation session for the 2024 academic programme will be held in March 2024. Interested contractors will receive a meeting invite closer to the date.
  • During the session, we will communicate the objectives of the mentorship programme across our programmes, the benefits of the mentorship to both the mentors and the mentees and the expected commitment required through the mentorship programme.
  • Mentors will have an opportunity to have any of the questions answered during the training / welcome session.

A snapshot of the empowerment impact that our mentors have on our candidates. It reflects our core values of taking great care of our valued people