S Rampersad

As you continue chasing your goals, keep in mind that what brings us happiness is the journey itself, and not the destination.

J Livhoyi

Do not give up, keep yourself motivated, remind yourself of how you want to use the CA (SA) designation.

H Singo

I believed. I remained faithful. I persevered. I am a living testimony!

T Ndlovu

Looking back at how far I have come, I would never change anything because it is in times of failure that I discovered my resilience

B Gumede

Do not underestimate your capabilities. You can do extraordinary things. It always starts with believing in yourself.

G Mukasa

I have turned what could have potentially destroyed me into stepping stones for continued success

C Moswa

Commit, learn and pass for you are your greatest motivator

S Kganchi

Never give up on something you love, hold on better things are coming

M Sehloho

I needed to have a positive mind, trust the process, work consistently and work on my exam technique until I am confident

T Mabuza

Face your challenges and don't allow them to have power over you and you will see that you are bigger than you perceive yourself

B Sgonyela

Be resilient enough not to allow external circumstances to stop you from achieving your dream.

M Mashiane

Be brave enough to dream wild, and equally resilient to work on your dreams. Be prepared to toil, for what you desire the most
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