Overview Of The Bcta Support Course

  • The BCTA Support Course is an online only programme designed for candidates registered for the UNISA annual modules: AUE3761, FAC3761, FAC3762, MAC3761 and TAX3761. The BCTA Support Course is structured in a highly effective manner to ensure that it provides prospective candidates with the fundamentals required for a successful attempt in BCTA as well as to provide a concrete foundation for CTA and ITC
  • Candidates enrolled into the BCTA Support Course receive a comprehensive lecture programme focusing on the discussion of fundamental principles and concepts to build a strong technical background. In addition, the candidates also access a tutorial-based programme focusing on working through and discussing at least three (3) past examination papers with the primary objective of developing effective examination techniques to seal their success in the final examinations.

Benefits Of The BCTA Support Course

  •  An online only programme design to build a strong technical knowledge
  •  Access to high quality, well-structured and examination-focused notes
  • Free access as part of preparation for supplementary examination
  • A comprehensive lecture programme focusing on basic principles
  • Strong focus on exam technique development



Cell: 072 011 2650
Email: bctacare@endunamoo.co.za

  • The online only programme is delivered via voice over screen recordings (i.e. screencasts) that are made available upon the activation of MyUniverse account. The screencasts are recorded based on the course material for the prior years and, where necessary are re-recorded to ensure that our candidates receive the very best quality and most relevant material for their current studies.
  • The videos are organised in terms of learning units in line with the university published course materials to make it easier and efficient to find what our candidates are looking for. In addition, all the learning units have on them the duration of the discussions, making it even much easier for our candidates to plan for their studies.
  • The lecture screencast recordings of comprehensive topics (e.g., valuation, revenue, value added tax, etc.) broken down and delivered in byte sized medium of no more than 45 minutes per discussion topic. This makes it easier and efficient for our candidates to thoroughly plan for their studies amid the demanding working and personal schedules as one can easily plan to put in an hour before and/or after work.
  • The BCTA Support Course does not provide for live classes and all sessions are pre-recorded. The lectures will be available on weekend (either on a Saturday, Sunday or both days) two weeks before the May / June tests and two weeks before the October / November examinations to provide support in the form of a ‘questions and answers’ session. The session may take a form of a Microsoft Teams session where candidates questions are received in advance and answered during the session, or via WhatsApp chat platform where a lecturer would be available to provide written responses to the candidates. The nature, times and day of these engagements will be provided closer to the specific dates.
  • Apart from that, the BCTA Support Course will not provide any technical support throughout the period. Additionally, the course does not provide support for assignments and candidates are encouraged to use our learning material to learn the underlying principles being assessed and be empowered to attempt the tutorials on their own. However, candidates will have access to the BCTA Candidate Caretaker and Online Support Team to assist with any administration queries throughout the programme. Any feedback regarding the quality of the programme may be relayed to the team.

The tuition fee applicable for the BCTA Support Course are as follows:

  • R1 000 per module or R4 500 for all five modules, payable in instalments until 30 September.
  • You will be required a minimum payment of R300 per module to have your account activated.
  • All candidates are required to have paid the following cumulative balances toward the registration of their individual modules to ensure that their online account remains active:


Payment deadline Total payments to date
By 28 February 2022 R300 per module (30% of the tuition fees)
By 31 March 2022 R400 per module (40% of the tuition fees)
By 30 April 2022 R500 per module (50% of the tuition fees)
By 31 May 2022 R600 per module (60% of the tuition fees)
By 30 June 2022 R700 per module (70% of the tuition fees)
By 31 July 2022 R800 per module (80% of the tuition fees)
By 31 August 2022 R900 per module (90% of the tuition fees)
By 30 September 2022 R1 000 per module (100% of the tuition fees)


  • If you register for any module after any of the stipulated date, you will be required pay the cumulative balance prior to having your account activated, e.g., if you register on 15 May 2022, you will be required to pay R500 to have your account activated for that module and pay another R100 before the end of the month to keep your account active. If you are registering for two modules, it would be R1 000 minimum registration fee for those two modules and an amount of R200 will need to be paid by 31 May 2022. If you enrol for all five modules at the discounted price, you need to follow the percentage payment profile in the table above, e.g., by 30 June 2022, you need to have paid 70% of R4 500 towards your tuition fees.
  • Printed material: If so required, you may request copies of the printed course material via MyUniverse platform at no additional printing cost. The material may be collected at our Midrand campus after one week following the request. If a courier service is required (only to RSA based address), a courier fee of R150 per delivery is applicable.
  • Early settlement discount: If you settle your account on the first payment after registration into the programme or after module(s) addition would be entitled to a 10% discount on your tuition fees.
  • Other terms and conditions: No apportionment of fees is applicable for late registrations. Online access is granted within 24 hours after we receive proof of payment. Proof of payments are sent to finance@endunamoo.co.za. Overdue accounts will result in suspension of online access to the student portal unless outstanding payment is received within 7 days after the due date. Access to online material and videos would be immediately revoked after the examination date. However, if you provide confirmation that you have been granted a supplementary opportunity for the examination sitting to which your registration entails, you will have your profile reactivated at no additional cost.
  • The discounted price of R4 500 for all five modules is only applicable upon first time registration and candidates will not be eligible if they register for the five modules later in the programme. For the avoidance of doubt, a candidate may not later upgrade to the discounted price of R4 500 for all five modules.
  • All fees paid to Endunamoo are non-refundable. We strongly recommended you visit the demo videos section and review the videos prior to registering to ensure that you would benefit from the programme prior to making payment to Endunamoo.
  • The Endunamoo BCTA Support Course is not accredited by SAICA nor associated with any distance learning institution. Although it specifically supports candidates registered with the University of South Africa (“UNISA”), we confirm that we are not affiliated, licensed nor accredited by the institution to deliver such a support course. Candidates are not required by UNISA to register with us and candidates that do so, they do it at their own discretion and having a full understanding that it is only to increase their chances of success and develop themselves for further studies.